New To Yoga?

Elements Yoga & Wellness Virtual Yoga Community

Getting Started and Preparing Your Space

Thank you for choosing Elements Yoga to being your yoga journey!

All classes are currently live streamed (and recorded) via Zoom.

Joining Our Online Classes Is Simple! Just Follow These Steps:

1. Book your class using (our scheduling software)

Click the class name from the schedule to get the Zoom ID and Password

2. Visit and select “Join Meeting

*Please remember to change your name before entering the Zoom waiting room so we can more easily identify you.

3. Enter the Zoom ID and Password provided in the Step 1.

Voila – you’re all set!

Before You Begin:

Find a quiet place in your home. This one can be tough!

Grab two yoga blocks or small boxes or soup cans, preferable the same size, a yoga bolster or pillows (all the pillows!), a yoga strap or a pet leash, belt or housecoat tie will also work and finally a blanket.

Invite a sense of presence, play and kindness to yourself – Understand that perfection is not the objective. We aim to feel good in our bodies and sometimes that means adapting your practice or resting when needed!


REMEMBER: You MUST book your class before joining Zoom. As Zoom codes are public, your booking is verification that you have purchased classes with Elements Yoga!