Chilled To the bone?

I know I am!!

Regardless of the temperature, our bones need stress to remain strong! The cells in our body react to movement, not only to stimulate the muscles but to protect the bones.

We have cells called Osteoblasts which create connective tissue fibers (collagen) in our bones, keeping them strong, creating new, mature bone but we also have cells which do the opposite, Osteoclasts, reabsorbing collagen – cleaning up old bones, releasing into the bloodstream, absorbed by the body.
When we are in motion, this balance of creation and absorption of collagen is healthy for the bones BUT if we are not putting stress on the bones, the osteoclasts are free to absorb the bones, making them weaker and ultimately result in loss of bone mass. Astronauts are the prime example, having no stress on the collagen fibers in their bones living in a microgravity environment, losing anywhere from 1%-20% bone density!!

Soooo, Bundle up – simply go for a walk, skate, ski, snowboard, or stay inside and walk/run up your stairs for 10 minutes! Obviously I strongly suggest Yoga which you can do in or outdoors 😉 Stress the bones of the legs, pelvis and spine, keeping them bones healthy and strong 😃 😉


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